Around the World Challenge #3 – Opening Stage Disaster!


Well, that went well. We ended up where the media had predicted us to finish. The board wanted a top half finish overall  though,  so  we gonna have to buck  up for the closing stage.  It could very well be the end of my tenure here if Costa del Este had won their last game and my club would have been in last place, going into the closing stage. Yikes.


In the Opening Stage, each team would have to play the others just once and only the top 8 would qualify for the playoffs and a spot in the Grand Final. Obviously, you do end up getting more money in the playoffs; the finalists share a prize pool of around 15 thousand british pounds!

Just a note: The Grand Final would be the champions of the Opening Stage against the champions of the Closing Stage. The prize? A spot in the top division.



Clearly, I’m a sucker of making use of old tactics and tweaking them to somehow suit the squad. This  tactic  is a modified  version of the one I used in my other save.  We scored  goals but the defence failed to adapt to the higher tempo.  So,  I might need to create a tactic that uses a lower tempo  with standard mentality.



It started off really well before managing only one win in the next 11 games. Abysmal really. As I said, we were really lucky not to be in  last place on the last day. Our defence is shocking (we have the leakiest defence in the league so far) and we need to find better defenders in the next transfer window.

Anyway, here’s our best players according to the player stats panel.


Easily our most consistent player in the first XI. Playing in central midfield, he managed to get a few goals and assists and is our best passer. Still has some way to improve too.

Yes, I did name him that.

Our top scorer in this stage although his shots on target are pretty worrying (56%). With our second choice striker already out, he’ll be the one leading the line in the closing stage.


After I got the message that we had barely escaped relegation, this came up.


We need another striker for sure. The likes of Luis Guerra aren’t going to replace him adequately. On the bright side, the finances have been improving steadily.


The wage budget definitely needs to be reduced though.

Tune in next time where I talk about January  transfers  and our performance in the closing stage.


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