Around the World Challenge #4 – It gets worse!


There was a 60 day gap between the last match of the Opening Stage and the first match of  the Closing Stage. So other than the usual reserve and under-18 matches, I had to organise a few more friendlies every two weeks to keep the match fitness up.


Decided to then try my luck in getting a senior affiliate but a few days in-game later, the board came up with nothing once again.

Then, our first-choice keeper got injured…


At least the board increased the junior coaching budget.


And I got to study for a Continential B Licensefm_2016-12-16_20-33-11.png

January soon arrived and the time had come to overhaul the squad once again.


Our wage budget was extremely limited so I thought it was worth a punt in asking the board for a bigger one.


Huge jump from a measly offering of 300 pounds! It didn’t want to increase my transfer budget though.


In the end though, I only made three transfers: a goalkeeper to challenge Romero, a new striker to complement Mr.Sad Face, and a new defender to try to stop the leak.




The outs in this transfer window were mostly reserve players, including Luis Guerra since we have Avila now.

Closing Stage

Nothing has changed…



Somehow, we had a win more than the previous stage but we ended up in 13th overall, leaving us with no prize money and a extremely disappointed board.

And an infuriated manager in me. It will take eons to get this team going and I do not have the time for that.

With that, I packed my suitcase and left the club and Panama altogether.


Leaving Panama, comes Armenia…Right?

I was eager to go to the next country…then, after applying a few jobs there, there was weirdly no response from these clubs. After wasting a whole year waiting for a job there, it seems that:

  1. I can’t get a job in Armenia even if i apply for one. I mean a Continental C License would have been enough for a job there. (Implying that this is a bug in the database after all)
  2. The fact that I was supposed to go to the United Arab Emirates(UAE) first, then Armenia

I ended up in a team called Emirates, who are battling against relegation in the UAE Professional League with 6 games to go. I did get a nice wage boost for myself, earning almost 7 thousand pounds per month!


Either way, I would then go to Gibraltar after a season in the deserts.

Hello UAE

Change of scenery, and a club in the top division for the first time. Let’s take a look at the league table…

All right, how about the squad I have in my disposal?

The lack of depth is awful!  We only have 1 player that can play left-back and 1 player that can play right-back.  I even had to play one of the reserves in my second match in charge as that right back was suspended. At least I had an abundance of central midfielders.

And after the first two games in charge with another of my custom-made tactic:

Yeah, we’re gonna get relegated, aren’t we?

Tune in next time where I probably navigate this team through the first division next season.



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