Around the World Challenge #6 – More Transfers and FA Cup!

We made a few more transfers from the last post.


Here are some of the key transfers:


I decided to follow up on the (future) signing of David Soley from the last post by signing Prokopis on a free transfer. Apparently, he was from the FFA COE as well. I will be retraining him as a central midfielder according to our current tactic. He might just be a guy that fills up the last foreign player slot but to me, he could be someone special for this team.


After the successes of our on-loan right winger Al-Hammadi, I decided to give depth to his position by signing this guy on loan from Pro League side Al-Nasr. Truth be told, he isn’t as good as Al-Hamamdi. Only his pace stands out from our first-choice right winger.


I know, I know. “You signed another right winger?” Kinda, but this guy is versatile as he can also provide depth as striker(!) and a central midfielder.

The outs included two of our youth players poached from Pro League sides. I managed to get huge sums of money from their sales though, 230 thousand pounds in total!

Then, after all these transfers were made, one of our young keepers also signed for another Pro League side for money.


Then, the “not-important” UAE FA cup was underway. Weirdly enough, it was in a league format, so in a way, it was a “preseason league” before the actual league starts.


We did win it in the end ahead of Al-Urooba by three points. My first piece of silverware in this save. The real hard work starts now as we begin our league campaign.

“Enroute to the Final” It was a league format tho…

Still, I am really glad to keep hold of our star striker, who has already scored 15 goals in this competition. Let’s see if he can continue this form into the league.


Next up: Can we secure promotion on the first time of asking?


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