Around the World Challenge #8 -Gibraltar!

For the first time, I’m managing in Europe as we start at one of the few British Overseas Territories, Gibraltar. I had applied for two jobs there – Cannons was a second-division club and Leo FC was a top division club that had just been relegated. Of course, I would go to the better reputable club and so, I was now manager of Leo FC.

Sadly, I was not offered any money for this job and surprisingly, both clubs were on an amateur license. So, keeping players would be a challenge. Getting players that are going to help us in getting promoted again would also be tough. Not to mention that I have to find another tactic that can suit the make-up of the squad.

Here’s an overview of the squad and the best players(according to our assistant manager, who had poor judging of the squad in general).



Antony here had just made his first under-21 appearance for the Gibraltar national team when I took over as manager. To be honest, he doesn’t look that great. His finishing is great for this level but his composure is at the other end of the spectrum. As always, I probably focus on training his physicals first.

fm_2016-12-27_15-06-34Next up is his “so-called” strike partner, Scott. His mentals are pretty decent but he is not as clinical or as fast as Antony. Somehow, he managed to score a goal last season, unlike his younger teammate.


Finally, we have John, a right winger that is essentially one-dimensional. He just has speed. That’s it, speed. Everything else is woeful for a winger.


Judging from our squad depth, we definitely need more players. Better ones at that too.


Looking at their season in the top division, let’s just say it was better not to even talk about it. The board had good reason to sack the previous manager. Basically, this squad was never going to cut it there.


Somehow, the two relegated teams has less of a chance of getting promotion than Gibraltar Phoenix. The media are not doing a fluke though ;some of their players are decent.


Next Post: Will talk about our preseason and transfers!


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