Around the World Challenge #9 – Preseason in Gibraltar!

Before we start, I just want to say that the FM17 Megapack 115 Updates by claassen has been updated recently. If you intend to start a new save with this database, I suggest to download from here. Also, happy new year to you all (a bit late, I know) !

Preseason time. Because of the long gap between now and when the squad comes back, it was cumbersome pressing the space bar multiple times because most of the time, nothing much was happening.

Then, this came out – I have never seen this before- an AI-controlled club forging a link as a parent club with us. To be honest, this is kind of useless because although Glacis United are a semi-pro club, they had no players available for loan at the time being.


At least the board were willing to waste 3 thousand pounds on me to upgrade my coaching badge.

It was now time to look for more players. First, I signed an experienced right winger as a player and a director of football as I intend to use him as an alternative method to sign players. Not to mention, his judging skills are way better than any scout in the country.


And who did we sign in the end?


I need to explain my situation at this point. After signing Cecil Prescott, I decided to do as many friendlies as I can, since there was still a long way to go before the league campaign starts in September. On the 1st of September or two weeks before the season began, the game froze when it was processing. So, I had to restart the game and literally arrange the friendlies in one shot and holiday all the way to the first league match.

To be frank, the quality of players in Gibraltar leaves much to be desired. Even my director of football, Dani, only signed the last player on the last day of the transfer window. Even he knows.

Surprisingly, my assistant manager did pretty well while I was on holiday, just the two losses against top division clubs.


This is the tactic I used and it is as simple as you can get. A 4-4-2 formation, with just that one team instruction.fm_2017-01-03_21-25-01.png

Let’s see how it fares in competitive settings!

Next Post: Will talk about our performance in the league and cup competitions.


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