Around The World Challenge #10 – Smooth Sailing?

After a lengthy preseason,it was time to prove our promotion credentials.

Gibraltar Second Division

By the halfway point, we were already at the top of the league with a game in hand over fellow promotion contenders Angels. For the January Transfer Window, I only made an additional signing to enhance the depth of our midfield

In the end, we won the league with two games to spare and ended the season without a loss. Sadly, I did not get the Steam achievement for an unbeaten season.


League Cup

This should have been our trophy after comfortably disposing off Hound Dogs and Olympique on our way to the final. But by this time, it had seemed that most teams already knew how to defend against my simple tactic and in extra time, we were hit by a sucker-punch.

The scorer of this goal was not even the man of the match in the end. It was a tight game in the end but they had snuffed us out of our’work-in-the box-approach’. My tactical stubborness was finally found out.

In the end, it was a frustrating day where I could have won my first cup silverware.

Rock Cup


The Rock Cup is essentially Gibraltar’s version of the FA Cup. We started off with a convincing 3-0 win over fellow divisional side Boca Juniors(GIB) but somehow narrowly lost to top division club St. Joseph’s. Success in this competition was never on the cards anyway.

Best Player


Our star striker managed to score a total of 23 goals this season, 19 of them in the league! Playing him in the advanced forward role has worked wonders up to the last few games where he suddenly became lackluster and was our worst player in our league cup final loss against Gibraltar Phoenix.

Next Stop: Fiji

Initially, I immediately applied to manage the last placed team in the Fiji league straight after the season had ended. But, déjà vu then struck again. The club did not come forward with an offer and I thought I had put Fiji aside as well and go for its Oceanian counterpart, Samoa.

Luckily, I finally figured out how this could easily be prevented.

  • First of all, just resign after the season is done. It’s somehow easier to apply for jobs that way, so far.
  • Also, we have to wait until the next country’s league is finished and wait for any club to sack their current managers before the new season starts

In this case, Fiji’s league followed a yearly season, unlike Gibraltar. So, after refuting the idea of managing in Samoa first, I had to wait until January 2021 in-game to apply for a job in Fiji.

And which club did I end up? Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the next post. Believe me though, it was surprising for me to manage a club of their stature.

The database I used for this save is the  FM17 Megapack 150 Updates by claassen . It does have more nations to choose from than the version that I have for this save.

Also, check out the TheManagersCorner on Reddit! It’s where aspiring FM content creators, like me,  “dump” their stuff; from blog posts to YouTube videos.


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