Around the World Challenge #14- Déjà Vu

By the time our O-League run was over, we had only played five games in the league. The league table looked like this:


Then, the next cup competition came up: the FA Cup.

FA Cup

To sum it  in a few words, horrible. We were handed a tough group with Ba, Rewa and Suva. We had a chance to qualify for the next round in the last round of matches. Leading 2-0 after 85 minutes, you would think that we were already through.

Nope. We conceded two in the last 10 minutes and ended up drawing 2-2. This knocked out of the Group stage as although tied with Ba in terms of points, we had lost to them 1-0 in the first match.

Disappointing to say the least. Here’s how it panned out:


Battle of the Giants

After a month gap of weekly friendlies, the second most important competition was next. This also started with a group stage and we were drawn again with Ba, Rewa and Suva, which I considered at this point to be “my arch-nemesis”.

We only managed to draw with Rewa and lose to Ba narrowly and After our main striker Krishna was out for three weeks with a virus, our chances seemed bleak. Up step our backup, Jone Takiata, along with a tweak of tactic…fm_2017-01-22_09-57-09

With that win, we managed to qualify for the Semi-finals!




We were handed an easy draw in my opinion against Navua FC, who were apparently the cup holders last season.

As I quickly found out, they got lucky last season.fm_2017-01-22_09-59-36

Once again,  Jone Takiata came up big with a hat-trick as we trounced our opponents 5-1. We were through to our second final this season!


Again, Suva stands in our way of getting our first trophy this season. We pushed them all the way to extra time this time but in the end, it was not to be.fm_2017-01-22_10-07-13

Runners-up in a local competition to the winners of the OCL. Gutted but at least we achieved the board’s objective of reaching the final.


After another month gap, it was now back to league action. However, it’s  like the teams have found a way to stop my counter – attacking tactic.  It didn’t help that I had to go up  against ba and Suva in back-to-back matches!


We were now  6 points off top, at least we were on course for the board’s  objective of a top 3 finish. fm_2017-01-22_17-57-08



Interdistrict Championship

Up next was the least important competition of them all, with pathetic prize money to boot. Again, we were drawn into another group with Ba and Suva. Somehow, we managed to get through them with only a game to go.fm_2017-01-22_18-08-40

Then, I noticed something peculiar: the dates for the finals were mixed together with the ones for the group stage matches!fm_2017-01-22_18-12-10



Luckily, the game managed to work around this flaw and we were to play Navua in the Semi-Finals!fm_2017-01-22_18-16-37

I had forgotten to take a screenshot of the result but to be honest, we beat them comfortably.



We were going to play Suva in our third final! Sadly, unlike the other two, they blew us away with their cutting-edge finishing!


Oh well, at least our youth have already gotten the habit of winning!

League Part 2

Now, for the finl run-in in the league. Can we win the title somehow?


We were close but Ba were the eventual champions just like how the media predicted. The draws were pretty costly as the other two had slipped up at the time as well. In fact, the top 3 finished in their predicted positions!


6 points off the top isn’t too bad as we have achieved what the board desired. It  could have been a whole lot more, in terms of silverware.

Player of the Season

Best player for me this season would be our striker, Raynel Krishna. Top scorer for us, what more can I say?


End of the Road

Sadly, it was the time to call it quits.fm_2017-01-22_18-31-58

We could have won everything in an alternative universe but it was not meant to be.

Oh well, off to our next stop then: Samoa!

The database I used for this save is the  FM17 Megapack 189 Updates by claassen . It does have more nations to choose from than the version that I have for this save.

Also, check out the TheManagersCorner on Reddit! It’s where aspiring FM content creators, like me,  “dump” their stuff; from blog posts to YouTube videos.


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