#FM17 Around the World Challenge #23 – Second Season Syndrome

Change of Tactic?

As mentioned in the previous post, we did not get off to a good start.


This prompted the question of whether the other managers have already figured out a way to stop my current tactic. I knew that from last season, we were able to create more chances but we lack goals basically; the midfielders don’t score enough and the deep-lying forward doesn’t contribute enough too.

So, I decided to split the tactic in two: an attacking one for “weaker” teams and the original tactic  with a few tweaks.

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You would think things would improve. It did, somewhat.

First half of the season

In the next match, we face promoted side Al-Ahli SC(QAT) and I decided to use the attacking tactic. Clearly, we could score goals but we also could not defend ourselves. This was akin to the Liverpool side in the 13/14 season.


It was obvious that I could only use this tactic sparingly so I persisted with the counter tactic for most of the other matches. Sadly, our form became erratic as a result.


It doesn’t help that our star midfielder was only able to play only nine of the 15 matches we have played so far. He missed the first four matches due to a twisted ankle before getting injured again before the Al-Gharrafa match for two weeks.

This was how we placed in the league at this stage:


His case was not an isolated one though. By November, we had a lot of injuries, including Rashidov, who would only recover by the end of January. Despite the best efforts of the club doctor and the sports scientist, I had to sack my current physio and sign a new one from the ASPIRE academy.

After 2 months of paperwork, Pangop was able to get his Qatari Citizenship, meaning one more foreign player for us to add to the squad.

I finally got the option to increase our junior increasing budget and I could not pass up on that opportunity.

January Transfers

Two words. More gambles. And new strikers. Okay, there was more than two words. Anyway, here’s what happened in this season’s January Transfer Window.



I decided to send Angel on loan and sold Usui to Al-Jaish at a  £100,000 loss. Why?

  1. Angel has been truly woeful so far, with an average rating of 6.5 in 8 games. No one wanted him on a permanent deal though. A Colombian club was interested to take him on loan for the rest of the season, so I accepted their offer. Anything to offload (some of) the wages for the time being.
  2. Usui was not as bad but he failed to live up to his loan season. His form started off well for the first two games before dropping off hard. In his final appearance, he managed to make an impression as a 45th-minute sub, as he scored a goal against Al-Mesaimeer. To be honest, that was a match I expected to win and I had used the attacking tactic for it. In all, I had no qualms of selling him to a divisional rival. Besides, he was signed there as a backup too.

After that, the squad was unhappy as they felt that the defence lack “depth”. I mean, we had depth. I guess they wanted quality instead of quantity.


To fix this said depth issue, I first promoted the young South-Korean right back Min-Chul to the first team. Then, I signed back Rashid on a free, after having been sold to Al-Shamal for £100,000, albeit only as a backup.

With the injury to Rashidov, we did not have anyone that was capable to score goals on a regular basis, so I signed this Brazilian striker.


Just look at those stats, at just 18 years of age! That strength is ridiculous for this level. Work rate is a bit lackluster though. Here’s hoping he scores loads of goals!

On paper, it definitely looks like we are going to stay in the league but could we ever reach the heights of the first season? Find out in the next post!

The database I used for this save is the  FM17 Megapack 200 Updates by claassen . The one in the link does have more nations to choose from than the one in the save.

To get more hairstyles for the regens, try Debski’s World of Hairstyles !

Finally, check out the TheManagersCorner on Reddit! It’s where aspiring FM content creators, like me,  “dump” their stuff; from blog posts to YouTube videos.


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