#FM17 Around the World Challenge #25 – Another Oceanic Adventure Awaits!

While my previous club decided to promote my Reserve Manager to the first team, I was on my way back to Oceania.


I also wanted to point out that I would not be earning even a single penny as the club operates at an amateur level. It’s a huge drop from the oil-rich Qatar but for the sake of adventure, sacrifices have to be made unfortunately.

The Club

Hana FC are like most clubs in Oceania: amateur level, poor facilities and shares stadiums with other clubs in the same league. They are this season’s “promoted team”; and my goal is to keep them in the league.

Club Expectationsfm_2017-02-21_00-52-00

The media expects us to be relegated back down to the lower divisions. By now, I consider myself a veteran in keeping teams up. As long as I make the right moves, it would not be a problem this season…right,guys??


Our squad does not have a lot of experience but not a lot of youth either. What was surprising though is the fact that three of the players are “retiring” from amateur football at the end of this season. I find that weird as they are barely reaching thirty years of their lives by then.


Apparently, we have a full side in our under-20s although most of them are terrible. Only the top three have any chance of breaking into the first team.

Best Players

As always, here are the best players according to my “assistant manager”, who is actually the head of youth development. Take it with a huge spoonful of salt though; his judgement abilities are not the greatest.fm_2017-02-22_01-05-07

Oscar is a right back that can somehow play as a right midfielder and a left-back as well. He is apparently a new signing from the previous manager. His defensive stats bode well for our defence but his stamina is a bit lackluster for his position.fm_2017-02-22_01-05-17

The unfortunate name aside, the first team keeper is pretty decent; he has good reflexes and aerial reach. His anticipation  is his weak link though.

Finally, we have Michael, who is a right winger. He’s quick, works hard but doesn’t really excel in the technical part of his play.

Well, that’s the introduction sorted out. In the next post, I will go through the preseason and transfers!

The database I used for this save is the  FM17 Megapack 200 Updates by claassen . The one in the link does have more nations to choose from than the one in the save.

To get more hairstyles for the regens, try Debski’s World of Hairstyles !

The skin I used for FM17 is the CFM V0.7.

Finally, check out the TheManagersCorner on Reddit! It’s where aspiring FM content creators, like me,  “dump” their stuff; from blog posts to YouTube videos.


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