#FM17 Around the World Challenge #27 – Quick End?

Second half of the season

I decided to switch back to the 4-4-2 formation. The difference is allowing the wingers to take full advantage of the wider shape and focus our attacks through them. It turned out to be a huge masterstroke!


We ended up with five straight wins before a lackluster draw with FC Guadalcanal. By December, we were somehow at the top of the league (before the draw )!


The last four fixtures looked like this:


Since there was a month’s gap before the match against Marist Fire, I had to arrange weekly friendlies to keep the match sharpness up. Surprisingly, there was no chance of improving our squad until July next year!

Unfortunately, our match against KOSSA turned out to be the defining point of the season as we lost to them and the top spot at the same-time. We ended up in second place, tied with points with Marist Fire. However, the title race was far from over. The playoffs were up next.





In the next stage of the league, we were to face Western United in a two-legged tie. They only finished 7th in the league stage, so I was expecting us to easily win.

First leg was a narrow 1-nil win though, followed by a nail-biting 2-3 loss in the second leg. This forced us into extra time and eventually, the dreaded penalty shootout. We managed to beat them 5-4.



I actually bothered myself to create “live commentary” of the semi-final since it was a one-legged affair. Pardon the quality; this was done and edited in just under two hours!

Spoiler: We ended up in a runner-up position this season. At least we got some money for our efforts.

Player of the Season


Wesley Gagame was our best player this season. He was the mainstay at the rock of our defence. 4 player of the matches for a center-back is no mean feat. It might be the last time he gets to play consistently as he reaches the twilight of his career.

Besides, I won’t be able to celebrate his “retirement” as the time had come to move on to our next stop. It turns out it was not that far away from the Solomon Islands. The job-hunt there ended up being a four-month waiting game though.


Next stop: Tahiti!

The database I used for this save is the  FM17 Megapack 200 Updates by claassen . The one in the link does have more nations to choose from than the one in the save.

To get more hairstyles for the regens, try Debski’s World of Hairstyles !

The skin I used for FM17 is the CFM V0.7.

Finally, check out the TheManagersCorner on Reddit! It’s where aspiring FM content creators, like me,  “dump” their stuff; from blog posts to YouTube videos.


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