Promoting a Subreddit – The Struggles

Since I have not been playing Football Manager 2017 for a few days, I thought I make this off-beat post to fill up the lack of content.

About two weeks ago, I became mod of r/theManagersCorner as the founder was “caught up in real life and promoted me since I was the most active in this very small subreddit” . The thing is: since then, I have not done much with the subreddit. This is despite me promoting the subreddit in the last ten or so blog posts of the “Around the World Challenge”.

I actually had a look at the traffic stats and I realised that the subreddit had been slowly declining into irrelevancy. In layman terms, it was not getting noticed. At all.

One reason would be the lack of association with the main subreddit, r/footballmanagergames. Just the day before, I had tried messaging the moderators there to place r/TheManagersCorner under the Related Subreddits heading in the sidebar. So far, no response yet. But, I’m hopeful that they will respond and clears any suspicion that the main subreddit had been run by bots the entire time.

Another would be the lack of promotion and activity. At the time of writing, almost no one except me had been actively posting their content. I’m not sure what is the exact cause of this but I do have a few ideas.

  • Lack of feedback. It was never a place to get feedback in the first place. The subreddit was created to put all (or most) Football Manager content in one place.
  • Marketing. When they see that most of their views/clicks were not even from this subreddit, they switch off and stop posting their content as it was pointless. Maybe the others were never interested in looking at them.

There is one other glaring reason: if you still post your content on the main subreddit, you could get up to a few hundred views. I mean, my first few posts had that amount of views when I first posted them on r/footballmanagergames. The amount of potential users that could see your content is much higher than if you post on a “specific” subreddit like r/theManagersCorner. So, I could see why some might go back to the main subreddit and post their content there. Even though their posts there are clearly downvoted most of the time.

In conclusion, it’s just a lack of incentive that plagues r/theManagersCorner. No promotion=no new visitors=no subreddit activity. I have seen similar small subreddits that had its last post ranging from a few months to a few years, as people were no longer interested in the topic that the subreddit had encouraged. I hope our subreddit does not fall into that category.


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