Off-Beat #2 – Update on r/theManagersCorner and more!

Hey, it’s time for another “off-beat” post. Yes, I’m calling “the non-FM post every Saturday/Sunday” as the Off-Beat post. The post from last week will be considered to be the first of the series. This is the second. Anyway, I got a few things to talk about this week.

Updates on theManagersCorner Subreddit

At the time of writing, I finally got a reply from one of the mods stating that “he doesn’t see as an issue but he would look into it”. At least the subreddit is linked to the main one (r/FootballManagerGames). I’m still looking into improve the subreddit like implenting a flair system and adding a subreddit banner and icon.

claassen’s Megapack (and its impact on the save)

Now, for some Football manager talk.

But, you said that this was supposed to be off-beat. 

Yes, but what I meant by that is that this post has nothing to do with the save I’m currently doing (Around the World Challenge). Moving on…

The claassen add-on that has powered that save has undergone major changes due to the recent winter transfer updates. Just take a look at the changes for the final version of the add-on…


I had thought of going through the missing countries after I finished the original list.  However, after seeing the enormity of the changes, I decided that it was best that I consider the save to be finished once I completed the list.

Streaming and Potential Youtube Videos

I know I haven’t been streaming as much as the previous two months. I actually got burnt out playing the stream save, despite having just moved to Portugal to manager another lower division side. Managing a B team the past two seasons had really taken a toll on me. I might introduce a few rules like a youth-only challenge for the current job to spice things up.

Technical-wise, the stream still looks like a pile of crap. I have yet to pinpoint the exact reason for the poor stream quality…

I have also dabbled on the possibility of making YouTube videos to enhance future Around the World Challenge posts. It does depend on whether the event at the time is significant enough (such as the cup final in the Solomon Islands from post #25) . Alternatively, I could create an entirely new series only on YouTube since 17.3 has been released. I had created a new save for my local club, Hougang United FC, so it is possible that I might record videos on that save.

That’s all from me for now. Stay tuned for the next Around the World Challenge post!


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