Offbeat #3 – (In)Consistency

It’s time for another offbeat post. Today, I’ll be talking about consistency.

That’s it? 

Yeah, but to me, it is one of the areas that I struggle with. In other words, I have difficulty forming habits, well, good habits that is.

Even getting myself to exercise is a chore, although it is not to lose weight but to improve fitness. I’m thin as a stick, so trying to eat more (healthy food, that is) and exercise more is difficult with my constant flow of excuses.

In some instances, with the amount of interests that I have (photography/video editing/programming etc.), it’s hard to give equal time to pay attention to each of them.

Just recently, I got myself back into programming (Android programming to be exact.) as I wanted to make an app for a”side-project”. Unfortunately, it was one of the worst modules in my polytechnic course (Diploma in Information Technology). In fact, it was so bad that I did not download much of the resources that were provided at the time. Even the resources I helped were not even helpful. Luckily, Udemy had a few courses on Android programming that were free of charge, so I had been revising on my lack of knowledge.

So what does consistency have to do with this blog?

First, frequency. I started the Around the World Challenge back in December 2016 but there has only been a total of 33 posts (32 text posts + one dedicated video post). This could be blamed on a variety of factors: lack of motivation, work, game-related issues etc. If you read my first few posts, I had difficulty moving to other countries as I did not know that  resigning from the current job would make getting the next one way easier. Not to mention the differing league schedules between the country that I was leaving and the one that I was supposed to go to next.

On the other hand, I’ll go on a gameplay-binge and I would make enough content for two to three posts in a space of five days.

The other reason is quality. The average word count for the posts is around 5oo words at the moment, which in my opinion, it’s a bit short for these kind of posts. I felt that I’ve been relying too much on screenshots to portray the story.

So, future posts of the Around the World Challenge  will take a bit more time as I try to make my content more “in-depth”. More videos will be incorporated into these posts, should the right event arise.

That’s all for now, see you guys next week!



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