#FM17 Around the World Challenge #34 – Escaping Relegation (Again)

If you haven’t seen #33.5, basically, we managed to only draw 1-1 against the bottom-placed team, Bulat. I would say we were lucky to even draw as Bulat could have actually won the match. Could the unorthodox tactic be a joke? Before I answer that question, let me tell you a story of one particular player in the team.

The story of Losev


Losev for me is an interesting player because it is rare for me to see full-backs whose strength is his highest physical stats. The low average rating does suggest that his physical stats could not cover up his weak technicals. Not to mention, my assistant manager really favours my strongest centre-back to play in his position.

Unfortunately, he was sold off back to his homeland for a 15k profit. Initially, I rejected their original bid but Losev was furious at this, so I had to accept the next bid. Oh well, at least, I know that we need to get a proper left-back for next season.

Last 9 games

After the Bulat game, I decided that the tactic should stay for a few more games as one game did not mean it was a bad tactic. After losing 2-1 away to Ordabasy, the tactic seemed to be a failure. I did make a few tweaks to it and it worked as we won the next two matches. Then, we actually lost 1-0 to another “Weak” team in Akzhaiyk despite our apparent domination.

After our right-back got injured, I had to change my tactic drastically. We did managed to get two draws in the next three matches. The second draw against Shakhter was more meaningful as it meant that we had avoided relegation!

The last two matches were wins against the weaker teams although the first was a thriller!fm_2017-03-29_16-15-06

Unfortunately, our young midfielder, Danilov broke his foot meaning that he was out for 4 months!

In other news, I managed to expand our scouting range to the entire world. As a result, I managed to get two senior affiliates.


Youth Candidates

Our new youth players came in halfway through those nine games, but only two players ‘made the cut’. We might need a new Head of Youth Development as the others had poor personalities in addition to their low potential.


  • Nikita Mishkin – First player I’ve seen who has no weak foot. He has very good passing and work rate is decent. He does need to work on his physicals before playing in my first team.
  • Konstantin Orlov– A right winger that is just decent. Nothing else stands out for me.

Season Review

This is how the league table looked like in the end:


A 14-point gap was more than enough to escape relegation although I preferred that we finished higher to ease the relegation fears earlier.

Our right-back, Sava Radic was our fans’ player of the season, which I agree. He’s done well as a wing-back this season. The disparity between him and the next placed player, Dinev, shows that a lot of work is needed to improve the squad for next season.

The media was right for once.

Onward to the next season!

The database I used for this save is the  FM17 Megapack 210 Updates by claassen . The one in the link does have more nations to choose from than the one in the save.

To put a face to real-life players, get the DF11 Megapack!

To get more hairstyles for the regens, try Debski’s World of Hairstyles !

The skin I used for FM17 is the CFM v1.0.

Finally, check out the TheManagersCorner on Reddit! It’s where  FM content creators, like me,  “dump” their stuff; from blog posts to YouTube videos.


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