Off-Beat #4 – Time

Disclaimer: Extremely late off-beat post. Don’t worry, the next one will be up this weekend as usual!

Time is a fickle thing. When we are doing the most mundane stuff in the world, it seems that time moves eight times slower. On the other hand, when we are doing the things we love, time seems to move at a speed of light.

We get it, rizi. What are you getting at here?

Well, what I’m trying to say is time management is vital in today’s world.  Considering that I work in the weekdays thanks to National Service, there is only the nighttime to pursue my interests, including writing this blog post. In most instances, I have to not do something in order to do something that’s more important or has a higher priority in my ‘imaginary’ list.

Anyway, last Sunday(26/3/2017) was my first twitch stream in a month. It was only an hour as I wanted to ‘take it easy’. I thought that the quality looked good, probably because of the new resolution I’m using (1366×768). Only blip would be the fact that I did not record it at the same time.

Also, I’ve been trying to making more blog posts for the Around the World Challenge after seeing that Kazakhstan was the 10th stop of the save. And it’s going to be April in a few days’ time. Of course, I have to strike a compromise between quality and speed. I do not want to play through this save without a purpose.

Finally, remember r/theManagersCorner? Well, recently, it’s still a ghost town from the last off-beat post but at least there are still new content being posted (other than mine obviously). I still have not done anything worthwhile as a mod though. Have to think of something soon…

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Catch you guys later this weekend for the next off-beat post!


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