Off-beat #6 – Rough Week

Sometimes, we have good days and bad days. For me personally, this week has been on the rough side.

Of course, work is always the blame for it. When something goes wrong, I usually dwell on that particular setback rather than learning from it immediately and moving on.

And when that happens, other stuff gets affected. From cultivating habits to creating content like the one you’re reading now, it’s like a domino effect – the negativity spreads out from the source.

I’m definitely feeling better right now than I was a few days ago. However, that’s only 75% of the reason why I only managed to get one blog post up (See AWC #35).

The other reason being: I’m taking way more time on this particular country than any of the previous ones so far in the Around the World Challenge.

I’ve been scrutinising the scouting tab more than ever as I try to improve the squad in the right places and you’ll see why in the next video post that will be coming out very soon™.

I’ll try to stream more too. Don’t worry.

That’s all for now. See you next week!


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