Off-Beat #7 – Why have I not been writing lately?

Yes, it’s been about a week and a half since the last post and even eons ago since the last off-beat one. A lot has happened.

First, I finally built my own computer! Well, without a graphics card for the time being. Still, it’s capable of completing basic tasks like writing this blog post and even gaming (albeit at very low settings for some games).

The part list are as follows:

  • Intel Pentium G4560
  • Crucial DDR4-2133MHz 8GB Memory Stick
  • WD 240GB SSD
  • Samsung 1.5TB HDD(Used)
  • Aerocool KCAS 500w Power Supply Unit(Used)
  • Corsair 200R Case(Non-Window Edition) (Used)
  • Windows 10 (Free!)

Basically, it was a combination of new and used parts. The case and the PSU came in in a bundle and cost 60 Singapore Dollars. I bought it from some guy in Carousell(which is something like craigslist).

The HDD was actually meant for work purposed but since the other one ended up in the office, I got to keep this one. It only cost me 20 Singapore bucks! Funnily enough, when I checked out the contents after the PC was built, I was surprised to see that it still had the previous owners’ files(nothing personal though). Reformatted it and now, it holds most of my games.

The rest were bought from the infamous Sim Lim Square and from one particular shop. These parts were actually suggested from a guy that worked in another shop and found out that I could get it cheaper in “that particular shop”. Well, I got it for total of around 400 SGD, which isn’t  bad for the supposed “budget build”.

But, rizi, how did you get Windows 10?

Cutting straight the chase, are we? Anyway, after installing the operating system from a USB drive, I made use of my brother’s recent entry into polytechnic to obtain a product key and it worked! The Pro edition too, mind you!

Another reason why I haven’t been writing is well, it’s hard to get into a new country with a club that has just been recently been promoted into the top division.

And when this happens, preseason, the most hated phase of a season, takes even longer to playthrough as I would have to sign load of players not only for quality but also for depth. After that, I would have to find a new tactic that can suit the players’ strengths.

Don’t worry, I will try to get the next post out by the end of this week. Until then!


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