#FM17 Around the World Challenge #40 – First Stop in Africa!

Surprisingly, Mali is our first stop in Africa in this save. Sometimes, randomness can be a bit funny sometimes.

Just an interesting thing I’ve just read: the football federation was suspended only two months ago so technically, the league, in real life, is not even ongoing anymore!

Anyway, the club that we’re managing this season is AS Sigui. A newly promoted side, it is so obscure that in real life that it does not have an actual club logo. No, really, they don’t. Even my “top-notch” googling skills were not enough to find it.

So,what are the board’s expectations for this season?

As always, the board’s expectations is to stay in the league. Easier said than done. So far, I have survived in clubs from previous countries (with the exceptions of the U.A.E).

Can our current squad handle the top division?


At the moment, we really need a squad overhaul. I don’t even think I need to describe our best players. Even our experienced striker (Moussa Coulibaly) isn’t good at all for this level, despite having played in the Italian lower leagues.

Problem is after taking a glance at the scouting tab, we don’t really have a lot of options. There are no free transfers and the only way to acquire players is to literally steal them from the other clubs in the league and the division below us.

Fortunately, Nigeria helped in the recruitment process as I tried to fill our newly available foreign quota. You guys would just have to wait for the next post to see the signings.


When I first came in, we had literally no coaching staff. So, I signed these lot to solve that problem.

Life After Patrick

A few days (in-game) after taking this job, I looked through my old club, Pavlodar, and found that Patrick now had the world staring intently at him.


It’ll be interesting to see how long my old club would hold out until the bids reach the double-digit millions. I’m just glad that Patrick could potentially get to play at a big club…from the bench (unfortunately).

With that, that’s all for now! Next post: Preseason and transfers!


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