#FM17 Around the World Challenge #42 – Tactical Struggles



That did not go according to plan. At least we were not getting trashed. It’s clear that we are going to struggle this season as we were in the first of the three relegation spots after 7 games. Could things get any worse?



That’s much better! But, overall, we were still struggling and I tried to tweak the tactic. I even used one (tweaked, of course) from DrBenjyFM! It did not really work though after losing to Stade Malien and Djoliba. I ended up reverting back to a now 4-4-2 formation (with a targetman and poacher up front) with similar instructions as the original plan.

Meanwhile, one of our players, Tirera,  got called up by the Mali Under-20s. This forced him to miss the match against Commune II and his replacement, Joel Michael, did not like being the “defensive-minded” midfielder. Somehow, it was only a 1-0 loss.

In the league, we were still in the relegation zone but only a point away from safety.



Another terrible month as we got a lone win against Onze. Truth be told, we were facing up against big guns such as Nianan and CS Keita. In fact, I was surprised that we even managed to score two against Nianan. The USFAS match was probably our worst performance as we barely punched a hole through their defence and ours was all over the place. We were lucky that it was just another narrow loss.

Looking at the league now, we are still 14th and a point away from safety.

Final Thoughts

This is probably the worst team I have ever managed in terms of reputation. Ok, I would say it’s as bad as managing in Fiji in terms of the quality of the players. The only glaring difference that puts Fiji in a good light is the fact that the gulf in quality between the top teams and our squad is immense. Even the best tactic cannot save us from getting multiple defeats in a row (in my opinion) unless the predictability of FM17 kicks in and throws an unexpected win/draw or two.

Our current squad are not producing on the pitch at the moment, with the defence being the obvious weakness. We might have (to try) to sign players in the next transfer window or… else, I might get the sack earlier than I should.

That’s all for now!


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