Around the World Challenge ( #FM17 ) #1 – Introduction

We are going on another adventure around the world in Football Manager 2017. With the help of classens’ world leagues megapack of course.

Like the previous edition, we’ll randomise the list of countries in the megapack, and select the first three countries in the list at the start of the save. Here’s a link to the list.

So, the first three in the list are: Panama, Armenia and the United Arab Emirates(UAE). I found that interesting as we would have already traveled across three continents.

The goal is to manage in each country for at least full season before moving on to the next.

Here’s the settings for this save.


First, off to Panama, where I decided to go for the worst team in the second division, CD Centenario, a semi-professional club.


First job!
Not the best facilities…


As expected to the custom databases, the whole team is filled with newgens since I enabled the Add Players to Playable teams. Even the under-19s! Anyway, according to the assistant manager, here’s our best players:


Juan Carlos Alpirez (Great Name in my opinion) is apparently our best player. I have not prepared a tactic at this time, so I might have to retrain him as a central midfielder.  Physical Stats are pretty decent, despite the lack of strength. For a midfielder, not the best passing stat.


Alberto Diaz is our next best player, although he can also play as a striker. Again, his physical stats are ok. The game says his best role is a defensive forward which I don’t intend to use in any of my tactics. His finishing and compsure are not the best. At least his work rate is above 10. We might need to find a new striker after all…


Now, Castaneda here is what I consider to be the best player in this team. Why,you ask? Well. look at his set-pieces stats. He’ll be my go-to for both corners and free kicks. Although for a “ball-winning midfielder”, his tackling and marking aren’t the best. He’ll play for me for sure though.

Navarro would probably be Castenda’s partner in central midfield. His mentals are pretty immense, ignoring his lack of determination. He’s a bit on the slow side which isn’t right for the second division and his passing is only a 5 but I’m sure he’ll do well. Again, we might have to dip into the market for better players…

As a semi-professional club, all of them are on non-contracts so these players might be gone as early as before the season even starts!

Those star ratings, by the way, are probably very wrong as the assistant manager is pretty piss poor in judging the ability of my players. So, we most likely need to get a new one.

The chief scout isn’t any better…

Just taking a look at the league rules… Apparently, there is an opening and closing stage which isn’t uncommon in this region.

Finances are in the black for the moment…barely. At least the board is looking into a senior affiliate.

Anyway, tune in for the next part where I navigate through the preseason, hopefully new transfers and the first two months of the season!


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